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14 hours ago

News roundup: Will trade, investment and economic success ever change China's government?

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18 hours ago

The Philippines rejects China's proposed deal on fishing access in the South China Sea over the words 'allow' and 'permit'

Due to China's language choices, the Philippine delegation left the nation without an agreement that Filipino fishermen could return to Scarborough Shoal, an area in the South China Sea that China has exerted control over, though an international tribunal's ruling, which was rejected by China, indicated it belonged to the Philippines.
via Quartz
19 hours ago

A study says the sex ratio imbalance at birth remains higher in China than in any other country, despite improvement since the 2004 peak

The World Economic Forum report also noted lackluster performance on gender equality in China, with lower political representation and educational levels for females.
via South China Morning Post
19 hours ago

President Xi gains the official title of 'core' leader, a marker of 'almost absolute authority' in China last held by Deng Xiaoping and Mao Zedong

An unofficial effort has been under way this year to name Xi Jinping the 'core' leader of China, and the Communist Party formally announced the title following a plenum of senior members in Beijing.
via Reuters
20 hours ago

After the finale of a state-sponsored television show featuring confessions of allegedly corrupt officials, over 10,000 on social media vote for the most convincing display

The highest amount of votes so far has gone to Li Chuncheng, formerly the deputy party chief of Sichuan Province, whose body language and emotional speech persuaded many he was not merely reading off a script.
via Quartz
20 hours ago

Communist Party numbers reveal the underrepresentation of women and a sweeping anti-corruption campaign

"No women sit on the all-powerful seven-member Politburo Standing Committee and just two are represented in the second-highest 25-member body," notes Christopher Bodeen, whose numbers also highlight how Xi's anti-corruption campaign has impacted different levels of the Communist Party.
via Washington Post
20 hours ago

Brad Pitt is expected to promote the upcoming film 'Allied' and break a 20-year absence from mainland China, an unspoken ban initiated after he starred in 'Seven Years in Tibet'

Press tours in China have become more common in recent years, though their efficacy at boosting box office numbers is unclear. Pitt accompanied his then-wife Angelina Jolie on a press circuit through China in 2014, but this will mark the first time he has come to promote one of his own films.
via China Film Insider
21 hours ago

A survey says nearly half of China's millennials want to avoid traditional jobs, with one citing fear of dullness as his inspiration

Upon leaving school, many of China's youth have career goals that are far more entrepreneurial and risky than those of their parents, according to a survey from QQ Browser, which polled 13,000 college students and analyzed internet search traffic.
via Bloomberg
21 hours ago

Book review: Peter Ho Davies's 'The Fortunes' tracks the frustrations of Chinese assimilation in the U.S., from the mid-1800s to today

"'The Fortunes' is powerful as a chronicle of perpetual frustration, as each new generation grows aware of the arbitrary line between margin and mainstream," writes Hua Hsu. "All four stories are about assimilation—but to what? These characters go from fumbling through English to mastering it to speaking for themselves, but anxieties remain."
via The New Yorker