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Resignation letter detentions, semiconductor investment and in-demand art

op politics, business and society news for Friday, March 25, 2016.
2 years ago
The editors


More than 20 people detained over online letter calling for Xi’s resignation

Sources said that those rounded up include editors who work for the website that the letter appeared on, employees of a related tech company, relatives of a dissident who lives in the United States and the columnist Jia Jia, who was apparently released. / BBC News

Long reach: Activist in New York says Chinese authorities ‘abducted’ his family members in China over call for Xi to step down / LA Times

  • When Obama and Xi meet next week, conversation will likely cover North Korea, hackers and South China Sea / Reuters
  • Chinese media report link between a local disease control official and state-run firm tied to vaccine scandal / South China Morning Post
  • Vaccine scandal exposes problems in supervision and management in government clinics / WSJ
  • China warns officials that they will be fired if they don’t control unrest / WSJ
  • Lawyer who defended Chinese Christian churches, Zhang Kai, is reported released after more than six months in detention / The New York Times
  • Third missing bookseller reappears in Hong Kong and quickly returns to mainland China / AFP
  • Malaysia reports that about 100 Chinese fishing boats have encroached its waters in disputed South China Sea region / Reuters
  • Opinion: China’s aims to bolster its political power with its ‘water grab’ in the upper Mekong river region / Bangkok Post
  • State media outlet expresses strong support for Chinese businessman who pled guilty to conspiring to steal U.S. military secrets / BetaNews
  • China confirms that one citizen was among the dead in Brussels terrorist attacks / South China Morning Post


China plans $24 billion investment to develop advanced semiconductors

The state-owned chip maker XMC is leading China’s ambitions in the sector with new production facilities and a partnership with the American company Scansion, although some analysts are skeptical that the relatively unknown firm can succeed where others have not. / WSJ

  • A fishing village less than 40 years ago, Shenzhen now claims the world’s fastest-rising property prices / Guardian
  • Shanghai issues more home-buying rules in attempt to cool overheated property market / Bloomberg
  • Citic Securities, China’s biggest brokerage, earned $3 billion in 2015 even after spending $3.2 billion to prop up stocks / Quartz
  • Infographic: The ride-hailing service Didi Kuaidi tops list of the 15 most well-funded startups in China / Tech in Asia
  • China’s Internet giants, builders of the world’s largest ecommerce market, may lead the way for the country’s broader economic changes / China Spectator
  • At China’s geographic fringes, sputtering economy worries locals as they try to shift their businesses toward consumers / The Globe and Mail
  • Chinese consumers largely favor foreign firms in ranking of most reputable companies / Forbes
  • Despite U.S. opposition, 30 countries are waiting to join the China-backed Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, its president says / Reuters

Robert Adrian Hillman/
Robert Adrian Hillman/

Traditional Chinese arts hold their value in a slumping global market

Sales of Chinese antiques and decorative arts were a bright spot for auction houses last year, as wealthy Chinese continue to pursue outstanding examples of their cultural heritage. / The New York Times

  • Increasingly successful women find that their accomplishments complicate finding love amid intense social pressure to marry / Worldcrunch
  • Racers in Chinese marathon suffer 12,000 injuries and mistake bars of soap for snacks / WSJ
  • China inches toward World Cup qualification with Maldives victory, but reaching the final four will take unexpected losses by other teams / The New York Times
  • Top Chinese university mistakenly touted ties to a man named Rothschild unrelated to the famous banking family / Financial Times on CNBC
  • Photos: China’s water pollution problem over the last decade / Business Insider


By The editors
Jeremy Goldkorn, Anthony Tao, Lucas Niewenhuis, Jia Guo, and Jiayun Feng.
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