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Opinion: To counter Chinese rhetoric about being a victim of the West, America needs a ‘historically grounded’ narrative highlighting the 5 major ways the U.S. helped China’s cosmopolitan development

A historically grounded narrative is needed to counter China’s charges, which have real implications for American and other national policies," writes Shirley Kan. "The PRC plays the 'victim' card to its advantage, seeking to compel compliance by putting others on the defensive, to undercut American leadership, to deflect blame, to incite others to regurgitate its case, to indoctrinate internal opinion to support the regime, to stoke 'nationalism' for leverage, and to arm psychological warfare that positions Beijing as 'just.'"
6 months ago
Amedeo Tumolillo
By Amedeo Tumolillo
Amedeo Tumolillo is an editorial consultant with SupChina and award-winning multimedia journalist. He previously worked at The New York Times and Spectrum. Follow him on Twitter at @hellotumo.
China in 2 minutes a day
Top news and analysis delivered to your inbox

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