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News roundup: What is the appeal of live streaming to Chinese millennials? Plus top headlines

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1 year ago
The editors


Opinion: Live-streaming experiment reveals a friendly social space sorely needed by stressed and lonely youth

Viola Rothschild broadcast her life in Florida via the Chinese app Inke to better understand the phenomenon of real-time social media that is taking off in China and internationally. Her 5,000 viewers, many of whom were migrants, asked numerous questions, provided advice, gave her virtual gifts, and shared the isolation and pressures of their lives. “The sunny live-streaming cyberworld is cathartic, providing millions of young Chinese people a comfort and humanity that ‘real life’ often no longer can,” she writes. / Foreign Policy


  • A slowdown in China’s per capita disposable income complicates the effort to transition the economy toward consumption / Reuters
  • LeEco will sell its smartphones and smart TVs in the U.S. starting November 2, but questionable quantities of the products shadow the ambitious launch / WSJ
  • China’s currency regulator’s campaign against illegal capital outflows targets underground banking operations involving $148 billion / Bloomberg
  • As President Rodrigo Duterte of the Philippines speaks of ‘separation’ from the U.S., he and Xi agree to resume direct talks about the South China Sea / The New York Times
  • Xi’s anti-corruption campaign focuses on junior Communist Party officials as it reduces its takedowns of top-level ‘tigers’ / Reuters
  • Opinion: Empathy, curiosity and humility are needed to understand China more than ever as the information age helps subpar critics rise to prominence / The Diplomat
  • The acceptance of genetically modified foods in China faces resistance from a public scarred by scandals involving tainted milk and fruit / The New York Times
  • Cultural traditions and the poverty of China’s countryside may explain the higher rates of suicide among rural women / The Telegraph and a related Sinica Podcast
  • A crumpled-up banknote from the Ming dynasty is a remarkable discovery found inside a 700-year-old Buddhist sculpture / CNN
By The editors
Jeremy Goldkorn, Anthony Tao, Lucas Niewenhuis, Jia Guo, and Jiayun Feng.
China in 2 minutes a day
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