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A slowdown in China’s per capita disposable income complicates the effort to transition the economy toward consumption

er capita disposable income rose 6.3 percent year-on-year in the January to September period to $2,6314, down from 6.5 percent growth in the first half of the year and the slowest expansion since 2013, according to the National Statistics Bureau. Maintaining robust growth will be difficult, an official with the bureau said, and will require a focus on migrant workers and people who lose jobs due to government-ordered cuts to production capacity.
10 months ago
Amedeo Tumolillo
By Amedeo Tumolillo
Amedeo Tumolillo is an editorial consultant with SupChina and award-winning multimedia journalist. He previously worked at The New York Times and Spectrum. Follow him on Twitter at @hellotumo.
China in 2 minutes a day
Top news and analysis delivered to your inbox

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