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Sinica backgrounder: The truth about the Chinese economy, from debt to ghost cities

eading list for the October 27 Sinica Podcast, a discussion with the investment strategist Andy Rothman on common media misconceptions about the Chinese economy and where it's headed.
12 months ago
Jeremy Goldkorn
Are China's "ghost cities" a misleading indicator of the nation's economy? / Barnaby Chambers/

China’s sheer scale and the stubborn opacity of its government have opened the way for some of the most outlandish economic predictions and reporting of the last few decades. One minute there is praise for the sagacity of Chinese economic planners and the country’s unstoppable march toward global dominance, and the next minute there is a torrent of doom and gloom, with stories about the coming crash, ghost cities and zombie companies.

Andy Rothman is an economic commentator whose work on China is much sought after by investors and reporters. In this week’s Sinica Podcast, he separates fact from fiction and provides keen insight into the structure of the present-day Chinese economy. For the October 27 episode, check out the reading list below to enjoy a variety of views on the topics of discussion.

By Jeremy Goldkorn
Jeremy Goldkorn is co-founder of the Sinica Podcast and currently edits SupChina and its daily newsletter.
China in 2 minutes a day
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