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Opinion: Chinese leaders’ efforts to stave off a major recession are pitting rising debt risks against economic reforms, and it’s unclear which will win out

4 months ago
Sky Canaves
One of the biggest truths economists have learned over the last dozen years is that the Chinese economic system can postpone recessions for much longer than American or European systems," writes Tyler Cowen. "At least by traditional metrics, the Chinese system has showed signs of trouble and excess capacity at least since 2006."
By Sky Canaves
Sky Canaves previously reported for The Wall Street Journal in Beijing and Hong Kong, where she covered media, culture, social issues, and legal affairs, and served as the founding editor and lead writer of the WSJ’s China Real Time site. Prior to becoming a journalist, Sky worked in the China corporate law practice of Baker & McKenzie, and she has also taught journalism and media law at the University of Hong Kong. She speaks Mandarin and has accumulated more than a decade's experience living, studying and working in China.
China in 2 minutes a day
Top news and analysis delivered to your inbox

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