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Book review: Peter Ho Davies’s ‘The Fortunes’ tracks the frustrations of Chinese assimilation in the U.S., from the mid-1800s to today

4 months ago
Amedeo Tumolillo
'The Fortunes' is powerful as a chronicle of perpetual frustration, as each new generation grows aware of the arbitrary line between margin and mainstream," writes Hua Hsu. "All four stories are about assimilation—but to what? These characters go from fumbling through English to mastering it to speaking for themselves, but anxieties remain."
By Amedeo Tumolillo
Amedeo Tumolillo is an editorial consultant with SupChina and award-winning multimedia journalist. He previously worked at The New York Times and Spectrum. Follow him on Twitter at @hellotumo.
China in 2 minutes a day
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