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Opinion: Who wins a trade war? China

3 months ago
Lucas Niewenhuis
hile “Trump will cause some disruption in the short term,” the “nationalist upsurge he’s inspired will ultimately serve China’s, not America’s, economic interests,” writes Michael Schuman. “In reality, the China that Trump has been bashing — the one that ‘steals’ jobs with unfair practices and cheap labor — no longer exists,” and Trump’s policies may aid rather than hamper China’s goals of cultivating national champion companies and expanding economic influence in Asia.
By Lucas Niewenhuis
Lucas Niewenhuis is an associate editor at SupChina who helps curate daily news and produce the publication's newsletter, app, and website. Previously, Lucas researched China-Africa relations at the Social Science Research Council and interned at the Council on Foreign Relations in New York. He has studied Chinese language and culture in Shanghai and Beijing, and is a graduate of the University of Michigan.
China in 2 minutes a day
Top news and analysis delivered to your inbox

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