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Ideology and the judiciary, and Taiwanese military drill

op politics and current affairs news for January 18, 2017. Part of the daily SupChina news roundup "India scolds China."
9 months ago
Jeremy Goldkorn

  • China’s chief justice rejects an independent judiciary, and reformers wince / NYT (paywall)
    As noted yesterday on SupChina, China’s Chief Justice Zhou Qiang gave a speech warning judges not to fall into the “trap” of “Western” ideology in the same week that further ideological controls on news media and education institutions were announced. The New York Times piece linked above is a good summary of reactions to Zhou’s speech. Also worth reading are blog posts by legal scholars Jerome A. Cohen and Flora Sapio.
  • Taiwan carries out drills amid rising fears of Chinese invasion / The Guardian
    A two-day drill by the Taiwan military that began on Tuesday “simulated an attack by the People’s Liberation Army across the 112-mile Taiwan Strait.” The news comes after months of deteriorating relations between the governments of Taiwan and the People’s Republic, and as “fears grow about the impact that future Donald Trump policies toward Beijing may have on regional stability.”

By Jeremy Goldkorn
Jeremy Goldkorn is co-founder of the Sinica Podcast and currently edits SupChina and its daily newsletter.
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