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A baffling commencement speech: Viral videos in China, May 22-26

his week: Much ado about a Chinese student’s commencement speech at the University of Maryland, a sea lion attack, and more.
4 months ago
Jia Guo

  1. Controversial commencement speech
    A storm on Chinese social media erupted after remarks by a Chinese student about fresh air and freedom of speech at a commencement address at the University of Maryland.

  2. Sea lion attack
    A Chinese girl was pulled into the water by a sea lion in Vancouver. She was rescued with only a finger wound.

  3. Never give up!
    A little schoolboy who is paralyzed with no arms uses his feet to study in class.

  4. Too big for the fence
    A man trying to cross the road through a divider fence got stuck in the middle of traffic.

By Jia Guo
Jia Guo is from the coastal city of Qingdao. She has an M.A. in multimedia journalism from NYU and has worked at Facebook and Bloomberg TV in New York City.
China in 2 minutes a day
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