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Associate Editor

SupChina wants a full-time associate editor with experience in financial news and China to help bring the most important stories about this fascinating country to English speakers around the globe. Podcasting chops are a big plus.

Top candidates must be able to effortlessly navigate traditional publications and social media to identify and summarize the most intriguing information about China with objectivity and style.

You’ll focus on economic, business and market news, but will need to be ready to cover politics and culture, too. Your job will include putting together a regular podcast, helping summarize the top stories of the day for a newsletter, building our social media channels, writing longer pieces and working with outside authors who can provide insight into the country. You’ll be a critical member of a team making this publication the go-to place for audiences new to China and those already in the know. Our voice is clear, but not cold; pointed, but not partisan. We are serious news with a twist.

Our fast-paced international team works online more than off, so you should be comfortable getting critical tasks done over email and Slack from your home in New York, Beijing, Shanghai or Hong Kong.

We’re excited to start building SupChina. If you are too, send a résumé and brief cover letter to SupChina’s editors at Please include links to three of your published articles and a podcast (if you’ve worked on one) that best demonstrate your qualifications for the position.


  • Track and summarize news from numerous publications for the website and newsletter.
  • Help produce a regular podcast.
  • Find and discuss important news on blogs, forums and social networks.
  • Report and write original articles and in-depth blog posts.
  • Commission and edit commentary from outside experts.
  • Assist with the preparation of the newsletter.
  • Help with online outreach using social media, including WeChat, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.
  • Research and prepare photographs.
  • Publish articles using WordPress.

Key qualifications:

  • Based in New York, Beijing, Shanghai or Hong Kong.
  • Able to work with technical partners in the creation and production of a podcast.
  • Excited by and experienced with covering financial news and China.
  • Ability to communicate in Chinese (Mandarin) is not required, but it is a plus.
  • Refined writing and editing skills.
  • Able to respond to breaking news across social media platforms.
  • Active on social media.
  • Dedicated to growing an audience from the ground up.
  • Comfortable staying connected with a global team via Slack and email.
  • Experience with Google Docs and Microsoft Office.