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Top China news of 2016

The year 2016 was characterized by political upheaval across the world, but not in China. Many of the…

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Top 10 buzzwords of 2016

Yaowen Jiaozi is a Chinese magazine that the translator Joel Martinsen calls “one of the most delightfully peculiar…

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News roundup: New disruption from WeChat: Launch of mini apps

New disruption from WeChat: Launch of mini apps The chief engineer behind WeChat, the mobile phone app from…

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SupChina Sources: Directory of China websites

SEE THE UPDATED LIST: SupChina Sources 2017. SupChina pick Each time we update this list, we’ll choose one source that…

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The 25 key phrases of Xi Jinping

Xi Jinping was chosen to be the president and general secretary of the Communist Party Central Committee, the position…

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