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Freelance authors

SupChina seeks freelance authors to provide nuanced essays and news reports about China to educate, challenge, surprise and delight our audience.

Personal narratives that connect to broader issues in the news are welcome, especially if they contain hands-on wisdom that deepens or diversifies our readers’ understanding of the hidden currents behind the headlines.

We’re also open to topics outside the daily flood of information — the stories and observations that don’t fit the modern media machine’s mold of China news, yet provide compelling explanations and explorations of Chinese values, history and hopes. And given the nation’s expanding international presence, we would like light and/or serious takes on the interactions between the world and China’s culture, politics and people.

We aim for tight pieces between 500 and 1,500 words, but we won’t panic if you provide a solid argument to go longer. Maybe you’ve got an interesting project that is a perfect fit for our platform. We’re open to hearing about it. Or, if another medium is your forte, hit us up with your ideas for stories told using photos, video, audio, graphics, code, illustration or something else.

To see if we might be able to collaborate, please send a few sentences introducing yourself, a résumé, links to no more than three examples of your work, and 100-200 words describing your idea to SupChina’s editors at