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A weekly discussion of current affairs in China with journalists, writers, academics, policy makers, business people and anyone with something compelling to say about the country that's reshaping the world.

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Straight talk on North Korea and China, with Lyle Goldstein

A scholar of Chinese and Russian security strategy explores the roles China, Russia, Japan, and a different attitude from the U.S. could play in tempering North Korea and altering regional defense strategies.   Read more
2 hours ago

China’s Asian power play: Tom Miller on the future of Belt and Road

An experienced Asia analyst combines policy research with on-the-ground reporting to shed light on China’s complicated foreign policy initiative, Belt and Road.    Read more

Jerome A. Cohen on human rights and law in China

One of the most experienced and respected scholars of Chinese law comments on the current state of human rights and the persecution of lawyers in the PRC.   Read more

Guo Wengui: The extraordinary tale of a Chinese billionaire turned dissident, told by Mike Forsythe and Alexandra Stevenson

Jeremy and Kaiser interview two New York Times journalists who have spent hours interviewing an exiled Chinese businessman and researching his explosive claims about officials in his home country.   Read more

David Rank, top U.S. diplomat, on why he resigned to protest Trump

The former chargé d’affaires of America’s Beijing embassy explains what went through his head on the day that Trump made his Paris announcement.    Read more

Islamophobia in China, explained by Alice Su and Ma Tianjie

Two astute observers of Chinese public opinion about Islam speak on Muslims’ difficulties in Chinese society.   Read more

How does investigative reporting happen in China? A conversation with Li Xin of Caixin

The managing director of Caixin Global gives her perspective on business in China and how the media reports on it.   Read more

Kai-Fu Lee on artificial intelligence in China

A visionary venture capitalist and engineer on the present and future of Chinese tech.   Read more

Reporting on Trump as a member of Chinese media

Jane ChiaChieh Tang, the U.S. bureau chief for Sina News, talks about her experience as a Chinese-language reporter covering the White House.   Read more

Joseph Nye, Jr.: Chinese power in the age of Donald Trump

The man who coined the term soft power discusses what it means for China today and in the future.   Read more