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Friday Song: In ‘A.I. Love,’ Wang Leehom wants us to ‘ethics, attain ethics’

In 1995, Wang Leehom 王力宏 emerged as a writer of exquisite love songs. Along his path to becoming a…

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Sinica Podcast: Inside China’s AI revolution, with Jessi Hempel

This week’s Sinica Podcast is now live. Listen to it here. China is a world leader in artificial intelligence…

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$2 billion artificial intelligence park in Beijing

Xinhua News Agency reported on January 2 that Zhongguancun…

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Google ‘tiptoes’ back into China

Google stopped operating its China-based search engine in 2010 in protest against censorship and alleged hacking by the Chinese…

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News roundup: Will China decide global norms for using AI? Plus Clinton’s leaked comments and property market problems

BUSINESS Analysis: Despite problems in China’s housing market, ‘bubble’…

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