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Jianbing, a Beijing street food that bridges China-U.S. culture

It was only a few years ago that jianbing 煎饼…

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Avocado demand and a farm-to-table app

Last year, we published an article titled “Food…

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The Secret Menu: A quintessential Chinese dish, by Kaiser Kuo

Call it China’s peanut butter and jelly. Or the mac and cheese of the Middle Kingdom. It is a Chinese…

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The Secret Menu: Jiayang Fan of The New Yorker spices up your potato

Welcome to the first of two pilot episodes of The Secret Menu, our new cooking show, where we show you…

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Vegans in China

Housed under the sloping golden roofs of Shanghai’s Jing’an Temple, the banquet hall filled quickly. Big families arrived…

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Q&A with Zing Bai, the founder of a New York restaurant who wants to take her ‘awesome’ fried rice across the U.S.

Last summer, Haijing “Zing” Bai’s parents in Beijing had no idea their daughter had quit her law firm…

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