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Friday Song: Bohan Phoenix is the rapper we need

妈妈说你是不是不要脸  身上都是纹身所有人都看得见  我说妈妈等你儿子赚了钱  看你在不在乎这么一点点 — Bohan Phoenix, from “Product” (一模一样 yīmúyīyàng) Bohan Phoenix is a product of his environment, as…

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Friday Song: 游击队之歌, a ‘red song’ that champions bipartisanship

When I was nine, my father went to China, returning to the country of his birth for the first…

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Friday Song: BEJ48, the spin-off girl idol super band

Most nights at a theater inside the Chaoyang U-Town Shopping Center in Beijing, a group of young women will…

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Friday Song: Bang your head with Overload

At the dawn of the 1990s, a record producer from Taipei named Landy Chang — Zhang Peiren 张培仁 —…

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Friday Song: 歌声与微笑 — when a children’s song could unite a country

Welcome to Friday Song, a new feature in which we spotlight a different Chinese song every week across…

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