Editor’s note: SupChina expands with the Sinica Podcast and photos from Michael Yamashita

The SupChina team is proud to present its redesigned website as well as partnerships with Kaiser Kuo and Jeremy Goldkorn of the Sinica Podcast and the award-winning photographer Michael Yamashita.

Michael Yamashita

In the latest Sinica podcast — the first that Kaiser Kuo and Jeremy Goldkorn produced in conjunction with SupChina — you’ll hear a story starting around the 10-minute mark about Chinese and American table tennis players, Taiwan, Richard Nixon’s daughter and chanting antiwar protesters that hasn’t been widely revealed anywhere else.

This surprising peek into history is a perfect way to highlight the Sinica podcast’s new collaboration with SupChina as our young media company starts a new stage in its mission to curate, create, understand and share the best news and analysis about China.

Our team is also excited to announce a partnership with the award-winning photographer Michael Yamashita. His stunning photographs of China taken over the years will be featured on our homepage and at supchina.com/photos, in our newsletter and on Instagram. You can see a sample of his work at the top of this page.

SupChina will continue to bring you insightful essays and news reports that explain and explore China and its relationship with the world. If you haven’t read Joanna Chiu’s piece about the difficulty of defining “Chinese” or Han Zhang’s article profiling Chinese students in the United States working on Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign, you’re missing out. These journalists’ work — just a few examples of original articles from SupChina — provides a great indication of what’s ahead.

As always, SupChina is the only place you need to keep up with the most important news and analysis about the nation selected from more than 150 high-quality sources. You can enjoy the entire stream of our curation right on the homepage, or take advantage of our careful parsing of this river of news by visiting one of our many category pages. Those include the major sections of business, technology, politics, opinion and society, and many more specific topics, including sports, real estate, currency, military, food, fashion, corruption, human rights, media and health.

We’ve made it easy to keep up with SupChina‘s offerings: You can check in with our redesigned website, sign up for our newsletter at the top of the homepage or here, use our iOS or Android app, or follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Thank you for being part of our community of China watchers trying to understand and track the news about this fascinating, rapidly changing and increasingly important nation. If you have any feedback about the new website, the Sinica podcast, Michael Yamashita’s photos or story tips, please reach out to me at amedeo@supchina.com.

— Amedeo Tumolillo