News roundup: Will other Southeast Asian nations follow the Philippines’ lead in China?

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As the Philippines strengthens its ties to China, other nearby nations may see an advantage in doing the same

During his trip to China, President Rodrigo Duterte of the Philippines arranged $24 billion in investment and financing deals, and agreed to direct talks about disputes in the South China Sea, an approach contrary to U.S. policy. The shift has nations such as Vietnam, Malaysia and Thailand reviewing the benefits of closer relations with Beijing, analysts say. / The New York Times


  • Opinion: Regulators’ resurgent scrutiny of the Chinese purchase of European companies may indicate a greater chance of other similar deals failing in the future / Bloomberg
  • As regulatory scrutiny intensifies, ChemChina is ready to make concessions in a foreign-acquisition deal that could be China’s largest ever, source says / Reuters
  • Opinion: In $6.5 billion deal for a stake in Hilton, HNA Group displays its membership in group of cash-rich Chinese buyers with an appetite for all sectors / Bloomberg
  • Two months after a deal with Didi Chuxing, Uber’s Chinese app gets remade to work only in China and drops English-language interface / Quartz
  • U.S. Navy’s recent operation in the South China Sea marked a shift in American maritime power in the region, sources say / Reuters
  • In an ‘unprecedented’ exchange, China’s foreign affairs ministry pits its op-eds against those of Hong Kong activists advocating self-determination / Hong Kong Free Press
  • Opinion: The role of the personality and preferences of local officials is likely underestimated in understanding policy innovation in China / China Policy Institute
  • Ningxia region’s ‘ecological migrants,’ most of whom are Muslim, face cramped conditions and a lack of government attention in resettlement villages / NYT
  • Golf promoters in China hope that local stars can help the sport take off amid challenges from the game’s costliness and Xi’s anti-corruption campaign / Fortune
  • Deadly blast in Shaanxi Province reveals an ongoing crisis of workplace accidents being ‘frequently glossed over’ amid ineffective enforcement and bad incentives / TIME
  • Opinion: The quest to digitize half a million Chinese characters is ‘a new form of smart power’ that will enhance China’s media control and international influence / NYT