SupChina Sources: Directory of China websites


This is SupChina Sources: a list of the essential English-language websites, podcasts and Twitter feeds that we follow. We comb through all of these sources and more to produce our daily email newsletter. If you think we’ve left anything out that should be in this list, please let us know at

SEE THE UPDATED LIST: SupChina Sources 2017.

SupChina pick

Each time we update this list, we’ll choose one source that is not a large news organization and that we believe is especially worth your time.

For November 2016, our pick is Chublic Opinion, which describes itself as writing about “public opinion with Chinese characteristics, a weekly digest of events that are shaping public opinion in China.” It is written by Ma Tianjie, a Chinese blogger and (disclosure) an occasional guest on our Sinica Podcast.

China-focused websites

To get firsthand and specialist perspectives on China written by journalists, subject experts, academics and in-country observers, here are some essential sources:

  • Caixin – The English channel of a respected Chinese economics and finance magazine.
  • The China Africa Project – A hub for China-Africa issues.
  • China Dialogue – Bilingual essays on how China is handling environmental issues at home and around the world.
  • ChinaFile – Articles, multimedia and “Conversation” Q&As with China watchers; produced by the Asia Society.
  • China Film Insider – Film industry news.
  • China Labour Bulletin – Labor issues and the plight of migrant workers in China, based in Hong Kong.
  • China Law Translate – A community-contributed reference for understanding China’s laws.
  • China Media Project – News and analysis on Chinese media.
  • China Policy Institute: Analysis – Chinese politics, economics and international relations.
  • Chinese Politics From the Provinces – “Views and analysis of Chinese politics and policy from inside China, outside the Beijing and Shanghai beltways.”
  • The Diplomat – The Japan-based magazine publishes regular op-eds on East Asia, and its daily “China Power” blog provides analysis on Chinese politics and international relations.
  • Jing Daily – Luxury brands and their Chinese customers.
  • NPC Observer – A blog covering developments from the powerful National People’s Congress (NPC) and the NPC Standing Committee.
  • Tea Leaf Nation – Foreign Policy’s China blog with good original articles on Chinese society.
  • Tech in Asia – A blog covering daily news in the Chinese tech sector.
  • What’s on Weibo – Roundups of social media reaction to current events and controversies.
  • The World of Chinese – A website and magazine providing insight into Chinese language and culture for students of the country.

China-focused Twitter feeds

Some of the best places to get up-to-the-minute China news are the Twitter feeds of reporters and China hands. Here are a selection of our favorites:

Essential feeds for daily commentary on general China news:

Other notable feeds:


Podcasts are an excellent way to get a more in-depth understanding of specific issues by listening to experts and other China observers with interesting insights into the country. Start with our own Sinica Podcast, and also give a listen to these other productions:

Chinese state media

Media based in China is tightly controlled by the government, and none more so than central state-owned news organizations. That does not mean they are not worth reading – the pages of these newspapers are often the first place where we see indications of new government policy:

  • China Daily – The largest-circulation English-language publication based in China, established in 1981.
  • Global Times – A newspaper and website under the auspices of the People’s Daily, known for attention-grabbing ultra-nationalist opinion pieces.
  • People’s Daily – The official newspaper of the Chinese Communist Party.
  • Xinhua – The website of the Xinhua News Agency, which covers domestic and world news.

China sections of general news organizations