News roundup: A new cybersecurity report may impact tech companies, plus China remembers George Michael

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China publishes cybersecurity report outlining control strategies

The Cyberspace Administration of China, a government organization responsible for the management of the country’s internet and related technology, published today a “national cybersecurity strategy.” The document outlines review processes for information products and technologies and other controls on internet services. There are no surprises in the document, but it clarifies earlier media reports and Chinese government statements on cybersecurity. The New York Times explains that the strategy reinforces “a cybersecurity law passed last month that raised concerns among human rights groups and foreign companies.” Bloomberg notes that the report says that China will “firmly defend the cyber sovereignty of China using all means, including economic, administrative, scientific, legal, diplomatic and military ways.” The concept of internet sovereignty has been a key feature of government communications on digital matters since Xi Jinping became president. The full text of the report in Chinese is available on the People’s Daily website.

China says space program must help protect national security

Reuters writes that a new white paper emphasized the “peaceful purpose” of the country’s space program while highlighting the involvement of the military and a history of weapons testing.

George Michael’s death inspires wave of ’80s nostalgia

The news of the pop star’s death was widely circulated on Chinese social media over the weekend. Michael is well known in China because in 1985, his duo, Wham!, became the first Western pop group to hold a concert in the country. Caixin reports here on Chinese reactions to the singer’s demise. A documentary film about the group’s China tour with extensive footage shot in Beijing and Guangzhou is on YouTube. In addition, there is a posting on WeChat with photographs of the concert posters and an audio file of the Chinese cover version of the band’s hit song “Careless Whisper.”

On SupChina: A running club for Chinese people in New York City

Today on SupChina, we publish an article about the NewBee Running Club, a group organized on WeChat that connects Chinese people who like to run in New York. Running is increasingly popular among Chinese immigrants and within China, where the number of marathons yearly has grown from 13 to 134 in just the last five years.


Today, we begin a new daily section where we’ll explain one or two subjects that are being discussed widely on Weibo and Weixin (WeChat), China’s most popular social media services.

  • Ride the Winds, Break the Waves is the second feature film directed by Han Han, a Chinese writer and race car driver. The film is slated to be released on January 28, 2017.
  • Death of Benxi: Benxi, a 22-year-old Chinese singer, died on Saturday of unknown causes according to her management agency.

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