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Air China bans shark fin, outrage over IUD removal policy, Chinese actor Chen Sicheng’s one night with two girls and more

  • Air China bans shark fin: Imports to China down 82% in 3 years / Wild Aid
    On Friday, Air China, the country’s flagship carrier, announced a ban on shark fin cargo, the first such stance on shark fins taken by an airline in mainland China. Chinese people have eaten shark fin soup since the Song dynasty, although in recent years, wildlife preservation efforts and Xi Jinping’s anti-corruption campaigns have reduced demand. The Washington Post says Air China’s decision will “put more pressure on China Southern Airlines,” which is “emerging as a shark fin trade hub in its own right”; it also puts FedEx, the U.S. multinational courier company that refused to take a similar step despite repeated calls, “to shame” (story here; paywall).
  • After one-child policy, outrage at China’s offer to remove IUDs / NYT (paywall)
    During the three decades that China enforced a one-child policy, more than 324 million Chinese women were given intrauterine devices (IUDs) to curb the population growth. Now, a year after China changed the rules to allow all married couples to have two children, the Chinese government is offering to remove IUDs for free. However, according to The New York Times, some women say the decision “is like they are slapping themselves in the face” and that “the offer has come too late for them to consider having a second child.”


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Chinese actor Chen Sicheng’s one night with two girls / Weibo (link in Chinese)

Five months after the online controversy about the extramarital affair of actor Wang Baoqiang’s wife, Ma Rong, another Chinese actor’s private life has become a trending topic on Chinese social media, with 220 million reads and 32,000 comments on Sina Weibo so far. According to Sina Entertainment (in Chinese), Beijing-based actor Chen Sicheng spent a night in a Shanghai hotel room with two women. Chen is married to actress Tong Liya, with whom he had a child last year.

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