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Perspectives from Chinese feminists on the Women’s March

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  • When China’s feminists came to Washington / Foreign Policy (paywall)
    Among half a million protesters who participated in the Women’s March in Washington on January 21 was a group of Chinese feminists who saw the event “as a chance to combat creeping global misogyny.” Moreover, they hoped their appearance would send a message to Chinese president Xi Jinping’s administration, “who had detained the Feminist Five for ‘disturbing public order’ following ‘subversive’ campaigns against sexual harassment on buses and for more readily accessible women’s bathrooms.”
  • Chinese create fake Trump tweets as jokes and New Year wishes / SCMP
    Jike, a Shanghai-based startup, has created a tool that allows users to create and save images that look like tweets from Donald Trump. The service has become a viral hit this week, with Chinese internet users sending Chinese New Year greetings and making jokes such as “All the universities should cancel the homework and exams for Chinese students to enjoy the Spring Festival” and “To Chinese Fellas, stop PhotoShopping my Twitter, or I swear you will SUFFER SERIOUS CONSEQUENCES!” You can find more fake Trump tweets on Weibo (in Chinese), or you can make your own fake Trump tweets here. Twitter itself is blocked in China.

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