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The continued rise of Beijing mayor Cai Qi

  • Mayor of Beijing is put in charge of military reform group / SCMP
    Cai Qi 蔡奇, the newly appointed mayor of Beijing, continued to make waves on Wednesday (see here for his waves on Tuesday) as he took charge of a largely symbolic but nonetheless unusually high-profile role for a city mayor. A Beijing-based political commentator noted that “Cai is very likely to be the party chief of Beijing, considering how trusted he is,” referring to a position of national importance that Beijing’s mayor normally ascends to, but which Cai appears to be fast-tracked toward. Cai is said to be a close associate of President Xi Jinping, and part of the “Zhejiang Clique” that worked under him when he was party chief of Zhejiang Province from 2002 to 2007.
  • Amid tensions, China planning policies to attract Taiwanese / ABC News
    Around 1 million Taiwanese live, work, or study in mainland China, and China’s Taiwan Affairs Office has announced upcoming incentives to further boost “economic and social integration.” At the same time, however, Jing Daily notes that Chinese tourism to Taiwan has been discouraged over the past year, which has been seen as punishment for Tsai Ing-wen’s government’s frosty attitude to Beijing. Additionally, since last October, a Chinese state-owned tour company with a Taiwan package has been directing tourists to areas of the island that are supportive of the more Beijing-friendly Kuomintang party, and away from Tsai Ing-wen’s bases of support.

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