The revival of religion in China

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Top society and culture news for February 14, 2017. Part of the daily SupChina news roundup "Small-time investors risk jail to recoup billions"

  • China’s great awakening / Foreign Affairs (paywall)
    In a country where religion has long played marginal roles under the central government’s control, contemporary China is experiencing a spiritual revival in which hundreds of millions of Chinese are seeking to find answers in religious beliefs. The government has developed a complex relationship with rising religious movements by encouraging and fostering them in some ways, in a bid to serve the Party’s own interests. “Perhaps because Chinese religious traditions were so savagely attacked over the past decades and then replaced with such a naked form of capitalism, China might actually be at the forefront of this worldwide search for values,” writes Ian Johnson. For more, listen to this Sinica Podcast and a follow-up Q&A with the author, a Pulitzer Prize–winning journalist and an expert on religious topics in China.