New plans for government relations from ride-sharing giant Didi Chuxing

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Top business and technology news for February 17, 2017. Part of the daily SupChina news roundup "Former chief executive of Hong Kong found guilty of misconduct."

  • Didi’s new plan to win over unfriendly authorities / Tech in Asia
    Didi Chuxing, the ride-hailing company that beat Uber into a humiliating retreat from China in 2016, has announced a plan for corporate restructuring in 2017 in a letter to employees that has circulated in the media. One of the noteworthy items on the plan is the creation of a new “future transit team” that will “work with local governments to create smart transportation systems.” Tech in Asia notes that “Didi may have defeated Uber China, but it has been struggling with government relations in the wake of bans on out-of-town drivers in many of its major markets.”
  • We checked out 7 co-working spaces in Shanghai, so you don’t have to / TechNode
    The operators of co-working spaces have become darlings of the venture capital community over the last two years, and China is no exception.