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A controversy over dumplings

  • Steamed soup dumplings with vinegar or soy sauce — that is the question / Guancha.cn (in Chinese)
    Steamed soup dumplings (小笼包 xiǎolóngbāo), a famous Shanghai dish, have become the topic of a debate on Chinese social media. Specifically, the question of what to dip them in has aroused passions, with the main controversy being “Do you dip in vinegar or soy sauce?” as asked (in Chinese) by one Weibo user, although other commenters voted for sugar, sesame, hot pepper chili oil, and peanut butter.
  • Beijing gets tough on noisy, dancing grannies / SCMP
    Dancing in public spaces is popular among middle-aged and elderly Chinese ladies in many cities across China. While some people support this fitness activity, others criticize it as a public disturbance because of the loud music cranked out by tinny speakers that it usually involves. Starting in March, people in Beijing who dance in public to loud music could face fines or even detentions. The new regulations stipulate that “outdoor exercises organized by groups or individuals should not disturb public order or affect others’ work and living conditions.”  

Jia Guo

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