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China builds up naval capabilities, makes progress on base in Africa

  • U.S. wary of its new neighbor in Djibouti: A Chinese naval base / NYT (paywall)
    About a year ago, China publicized construction of what it called a “navy supply facility” (海军补给基地 hǎijūn bǔjǐ jīdì) in the small nation of Djibouti at the northeastern horn of Africa. It was the first official announcement of an overseas military facility by China, though the country stopped short of calling it a “military base” (军事基地 jūnshìjīdì). Beijing insists that the primary role of its navy in Djibouti will be to support existing anti-piracy and humanitarian missions — China is the largest supplier of personnel for United Nations peacekeeping among security council members — but many in the West worry about the expanding Chinese military presence, especially in light of reports that the Chinese navy “is likely to secure significant new funding” in the national budget to be approved next month.

Lucas Niewenhuis

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