Beijing pushes for Carrie Lam in Hong Kong


Top politics and current affairs news for March 1, 2017. Part of the daily SupChina news roundup "The tax haven of Tibet."

  • Beijing’s shadow looms over Hong Kong elections / WSJ (paywall)
    Beijing appears to be making a special push in this year’s Hong Kong election for chief executive to push its favored candidate over the top. Multiple people in the 1,200-member election committee have reported receiving phone calls for months from individuals in China claiming to represent the interests of Beijing and urging them to cast their ballots for Carrie Lam 林鄭月娥. While Beijing’s influence in the election is by no means unusual or unexpected, the members said that the pressure began earlier and was more intense this year. Lam is noted for — and likely trusted by Beijing because of — her leading role in the government response to the 2014 pro-democracy protests. For more information on Lam and the other candidates in the Hong Kong election, see this roundup by Bloomberg.