Viral video teenager swears at migrant entrepreneurs

Society & Culture

Top society and culture news for March 7, 2017. Part of the daily SupChina news roundup "China: U.S. and South Korea to ‘bear consequences’ of missile deployment."

  • Teen in custody for insulting migrants on Beijing subway / Sixth Tone
    A 17-year-old man on a Beijing subway over the weekend was filmed calling two women “outsider bitches,” among other offensive terms. The confrontation started when the two women asked passengers to scan a QR code on their phone to follow their startup company on social media, and ended when the train pulled into a station with the man pushing one of the women out of the door. The video clip (included in the article linked above) went viral and started a social debate about the discrimination that migrants face in Beijing.  
  • Hugo Award winner Hao Jingfang releases interactive fiction / Xinhua
    Hao Jingfang 郝景芳, winner of a 2016 Hugo Award for science fiction for her novelette Folding Beijing, has published a new work of “interactive fiction,” which she wrote with five other authors. The work is about the founding of the Western Han Dynasty (206 BCE–AD 24) and allows readers to choose different storylines. You can read it at for a fee of 9.9 yuan ($1.40). You can listen to a Sinica Podcast with Ken Liu, translator of Folding Beijing here, and read a SupChina roundup of notable recent Chinese science fiction here.