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Chinese student detained for spying in Taiwan

  • Taiwan detains Chinese student in unusual suspected spying case / Reuters
    Taiwan authorities today detained a Chinese student on suspicion of involvement in an espionage case. The man, who was described as 29-year-old Zhou Hongxu from China’s Liaoning Province, was taken into custody on suspicion of violating national security laws, according to a judge and spokesman for the Taipei District Court. Zhou will be held for at least two months while the case is investigated. No further details have been made available.
  • China stealth jet enters service, navy building ‘first class’ fleet / Reuters
    In January, the Chinese military transported its new intercontinental ballistic missile, the Dongfeng-41, through the streets of the northeastern city of Daqing, allowing it to be photographed. It also tested the Dongfeng-5C, a missile capable of carrying 10 nuclear warheads. On Wednesday, the South China Morning Post published images of China’s soon-to-be-launched Type 055 destroyer, asking if the “powerful new navy behemoth” might be able to “outclass America’s warships.” Yesterday, Chinese state television’s military channel confirmed that the new generation J-20 stealth fighter has entered into service. However, Reuters noted that it was not clear whether the new jet could “match the radar-evading properties” of new American stealth aircraft. Another new Chinese jet, the J-31, is still being developed and is expected to enter service around 2020.

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