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Psychologist calls China a nation of giant infants

  • A psychologist explains why Chinese people only have the mental age of a six-month-old / Quartz
    In the recent book The Country of “Giant Babies” 巨婴国 (in Chinese), by Wu Zhihong 武志红, a famous mental health doctor who has written several best sellers about psychology, the author defines contemporary China as a nation of giant babies in search of their mothers. In the book, Wu looks at a wide range of social problems, such as “mama’s boys,” conflicts between mothers-in-law and daughters-in-law, and suicides of left-behind kids in rural areas. To explain why these phenomena exist, Wu argues that the majority of Chinese share three characteristics with infants younger than six months. First, they can’t tell themselves apart from the outside world. Second, they want everything to follow their own rules. Last, they don’t recognize anything between the two extremes of good and bad. The book was recently removed from Chinese bookstores in mid-February due to bad print quality, according to the publisher, but Chinese internet users have speculated that “censors banned the book because it is offensive to Chinese beliefs and traditions.”

Jiayun Feng

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