Growing tensions with Taiwan


Top politics and current affairs news for March 20, 2017. Part of the daily SupChina news roundup "Will Trump go to Beijing before Xi goes to Mar-a-Lago?"

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  • Beijing piling on pressure against Taiwan independence: MAC / China Post (Taiwan)
    Taiwan’s Mainland Affairs Council (MAC; 陆委会 lù wěihuì) released a report on Sunday that “paints a bleak outlook for the thawing of the cross-strait freeze,” and says that relations between the P.R.C. and Taiwan are in “a regressive state.” The report cites China’s increased censorship of “topics related to Taiwanese independence,” political preconditions on cross-strait interactions, and restrictions on travel by mainland Chinese to Taiwan. Meanwhile, the BBC reports that Taiwan has accused China of stepping up its espionage activities on the island, while the Taiwan Sentinel notes that Taiwan’s Ministry of National Defense “confirmed for the first time that China has deployed and is targeting the island-nation with the advanced Dong Feng 16 (DF-16) ballistic missile.”
    The China Post also reports that activists in Taipei gathered on Sunday to protest the ruling “Democratic Progressive Party’s (DPP) ‘slow progress’ in enacting a law to make negotiations between the government and Beijing more transparent.” The demonstration marked the third anniversary of the Sunflower Movement, which was formed by activists uncomfortable with Taiwan’s growing reliance on trade with China.
  • Has Xi Jinping gotten his crown? / China Media Project
    David Bandurski parses the language that came out of the Two Sessions meetings that ended last week, and suggests that we may be witnessing “Xi’s crowning as a paramount leader to guide China through a new period of historical transition.”