France, now India: Chinese government calls for protection of its citizens


Top politics and current affairs news for March 30, 2017. Part of the daily SupChina news roundup "Will China start sorting its waste?"

As China’s presence across the globe grows, the Chinese government is more and more frequently having to defend the interests of its citizens in foreign countries. On Tuesday, the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs called on the French government to protect its citizens living in France after a Chinese man was shot dead by police who had gone to his house to investigate a reported domestic dispute. The killing sparked protests that lasted two days. On Wednesday, the Ministry issued a call for the safeguarding of “the rights of its companies and nationals working in India,” according to the Hindustan Times. The demand came after protests against a Chinese employee of the fast-growing mobile phone company Oppo, which is the main sponsor of the Indian cricket team for next month. The man had reportedly torn up an Indian flag. Police were deployed to disperse the protesters.