Trendy food in Shanghai

A SupChina guide to the hottest items on the menu in Shanghai.

  1. Crayfish 小龙虾
    Shanghai reportedly consumes about 15,000 tons of crayfish every year.
    Two popular flavors are crayfish cooked with spicy Sichuan peppercorns and chilies and crayfish cooked with spices and herbs.

  2. Bullfrog noodles 牛蛙面
    The dish is made from two or three entire bullfrogs, wheat noodles, and some green peppers, and the soup is mildly spicy. The best place in Shanghai to find this dish is Haling Noodle House 哈灵面馆.

  • Cheese tea 芝士拼茶
    Shanghai has found a taste for fragrant teas with a cheese-based foam topping. One leading brand is HEEKCAA, which has more than 50 stores across China.

  • Qingtuan with salty meat floss inside 肉松青团
    Qingtuan is made of glutinous rice mixed with mugwort or barley grass, and filled with stuffings such as sweet red or black bean paste, or beef jerky.