Danish Öyster Cult – China society and culture news from April 27, 2017

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The People’s Daily reports that the small Danish town Ribe, plagued by an invasion of an alien oyster species, has set its sights on hungry Chinese diners to tackle the problem. On April 24, the Danish embassy in Beijing published a story (in Chinese) on its official Weibo account, noting the failure of the Danish government’s continuous efforts to encourage locals to consume these oysters. “These Pacific oysters have done huge damage to the coastal ecosystem here,” the embassy wrote. “Please come to Denmark to eat these oysters, will you?”

Chinese internet users responded to the invitation with immense enthusiasm. The posting has so far garnered more than 14,000 comments on Weibo, with the most upvoted one reading, “Denmark should loosen its visa requirements and invent an ‘oyster visa’ for Chinese visitors that offers unlimited entries within 10 years and stays up to one month for each visit. These oysters will be gone in five years.” When reached by the Global Times on April 27, the embassy said in a written reply that it is “thrilled” to receive tourism ideas and recipes of how to cook oysters from Chinese internet users, and that Denmark would be happy to export these oysters to China with approval from the Chinese government.