Tai chi vs. mixed martial arts — the big fight of China: Viral videos for May 1-5

Buzzing in China this week: A martial arts controversy, a miraculous escape from a car accident, a quirky local festival in Hong Kong, and an escalator episode.

  1. Tai chi master vs. mixed martial arts fighter
    MMA fighter Xu Xiaodong taunted traditional martial arts on social media. When a tai chi master took him on, Xi beat him to the ground seconds after the fight started. The video has generated a heated debate on Chinese social media about the value of traditional martial arts.

  2. A miraculous survival
    An unattended toddler was run over twice while crossing a road in Sichuan Province. She only received a minor bruise.

  • A quirky local festival
    Tourists and locals climb a 14-meter-high tower made out of 9,000 plastic buns to mark the annual Cheung Chau Bun Festival in Hong Kong. The festival dates back to the Qing dynasty (1644–1911) and is intended to drive away bad spirits and bring good fortune.

  • Go, girl!
    In Nanning, in southern China’s Guangxi Province, a girl slapped a man who touched her hip on a moving escalator. Then she dragged him to the police station.