New Bollywood box office record in China


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It’s not just Hollywood trying to win over Chinese moviegoers: Bollywood is at it, too, and in the case of Aamir Khan, breaking box office records. Quartz reports that four days after the release of Khan’s latest film, Dangal, it had “amassed 124 million yuan ($18 million) in ticket sales to become the highest-grossing Indian movie in China.” The previous record holder was PK, “which also starred Khan and had grossed 110 million yuan ($16 million).” The latest film, called Wrestle! Dad (摔跤吧!爸爸 shuāijiāo ba! bàba) in Chinese, “is based on the true story of an Indian wrestling champion who trained two of his daughters to become world-class wrestlers after his wife gave birth to four daughters but no son.”