Women in Shenzhen ask: How important is breast cancer screening?

Breast cancer screening serves a vital role in detecting the disease at an early stage and saving patients’ lives. In China’s southern city of Shenzhen, women who are age 35 and older are recommended to do the screening regularly for free.

This is an abridged, subtitled video from the municipal health authorities of the southern city of Shenzhen.


  • Hey, I got a breast cancer screening from the neighborhood committee today.

  • Why did you get the screening?

  • I was advised by Dr. Li from the community hospital. She said that in order to improve women’s health in Shenzhen, the city has implemented an initiative called Healthy Women and Child Project Breast Cancer Screening and Early Detection and Treatment Program.

  • All women aged 35 to 65 who are permanent city residents or local residents can receive free breast cancer screening at designated locations.

  • You’re still young. Is it necessary to do the screening?

  • I am 35 years old. Dr. Li said that more and more younger patients are getting breast cancer. She recommends that women who are 35 years and older should have the breast cancer screening.

  • Dr. Li also said that women aged 40 to 65 are the most likely group to get breast cancer.

  • I plan to bring my mom and aunt for the screening.

  • Breast cancer sounds so scary. I am afraid to have the screening.

  • Dr. Li said that breast cancer is not as scary as it seems. If you have regular screening, as long as breast cancer gets detected early, there is a good chance at treating the disease.

  • The most scary part is that patients who don’t have the screening only see the doctor when symptoms have progressed. By then, the breast cancer might already be in an advanced stage.

  • For better health and a happy family, I’ll do the screening with my female friends.