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A summary of the top news in Chinese society and culture for May 31, 2017. Part of the daily SupChina news roundup "What is going on at Ivanka Trump’s Chinese shoe factory?"

The Zhejiang provincial branch of the Communist Youth League is planning to set up a “marriage and dating” division in June to help single young people find a mate, according to Qianjiang Evening News (in Chinese). More than 20 matchmaking activity centers will be built across the province to serve that end.

According to Wang Huilin 王慧琳, deputy secretary of the provincial Youth League, the goal of the new department is to “solve dating needs of single men and women, construct a platform where young people can meet each other, create a database of singles, and organize dating activities under the guidance of staff from the division.” Wang also stated that dating and marriage have become the most pressing problems to solve for the youth now because of geographical barriers, the accelerated pace of work, and shrinking social circles.

The national Communist Youth League has previously sent out signals in recent years that guiding singles into marriage is a pressing matter. On May 17, He Junke 贺军科, one of the top officials in the Youth League, said in a press conference that “getting married is the biggest problem for young people.” However, the news triggered outrage from some internet users. One of the most upvoted comments on Weibo reads (in Chinese), “Whether I marry or not is none of your business.”

— The above is drawn from our weekly WeiWatch, a roundup of trending topics on Chinese social media.