Robots are coming to China

Robots are gradually replacing human labor in the Pearl River Delta manufacturing hub.

China does not lack publicity-generating robots who perform or serve food.

But hard-core robots are really starting to replace humans in the workforce too.

About 40% of manufacturers in Guangdong and Hubei use automated machines for production.

Inside Ford’s car assembly plant in Hangzhou, at least 650 robots assemble the steel structures of cars.

This is is Shenzhen Rapoo Technology where 80 robots are assembling keyboards and other computer components.

Shenzhen Rapoo Technology saved $1.6 million yearly by using robots.

China is changing. Workers are leaving the factory floor for service industries.

Labor is more expensive now: average monthly wages of Chinese workers are now 4,126 yuan ($604) — higher than India, Vietnam, and other countries.

President Xi Jinping called for a “robot revolution” in a speech in 2014, giving a nod to automation’s vital role in raising productivity.