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China’s rapid urbanization has turned its vast territory into a playground for architects from all over the world. But while most want to realize their ambitious projects in big cities, Joshua Bolchover and John Lin have set their sights on rural communities across China, according to CNN. In a bid to set up a new model for China’s villages, Bolchover and Lin established Rural Urban Framework (RUF), a design lab dedicated to public service projects in rural China, including hospitals, schools, and houses.

One of the duo’s most innovative projects is the redesign of Angdong Hospital in Hunan Province, in which RUF transformed a three-story walk-up building into a pentagonal structure with a central courtyard and a spiraling ramp that connects all the floors. In addition, Bolchover and Lin worked with local manufacturers to add concrete blocks with circular holes to the hospital’s facade, in the hope of bringing bold design to the village as well as improving construction expertise among locals. Currently, Bolchover and Lin are working on the reconstruction of an entire village destroyed by the 2008 Sichuan earthquake.