The Communist Party aims to ‘purify’ its political life – China’s latest top news

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Party calls for ‘political inspection’

The Communist Party of China issued on Friday what the state media called a “revised regulation on inspection, in a renewed effort to improve supervision and governance of its more than 89 million members,” and for Party disciplinary organs to shift focus “from fighting corruption and Party rule violations” to “political inspections.”

The new regulation emphasizes ideology: The first item in the Party’s announcement calls for attention to “serious political life” and for “purifying the political ecology within the Party” (see the Chinese-language report of the People’s Daily for details).

All major central state media ran this news as the major story. It’s a signal that there will be no tolerance of ideological drift in the runup to the 19th Party Congress in the fall.

China to Japan: Get ‘used to’ our warplanes

Reuters reports: “China told Japan on Friday to ‘get used to it’ after it flew six warplanes over the Miyako Strait between two southern Japanese islands in a military exercise.”