Would you sleep inside this tiny bed capsule?

Shared bikes, shared umbrellas — now shared beds?

In China, shared or on-demand bicycles, cell phone chargers, and even umbrellas are already common. Now a company called Shared Bed 共享床铺 is offering a sleeping capsule you can rent with your mobile phone for short naps near office buildings in Beijing and Shanghai.

Users scan a QR code with their phones to open the door and start using the service.

It costs about $2 per hour.

Each capsule is equipped with a fan, a charging plug, Wi-Fi, adjustable overhead and reading lights, and disposable bedding supplies.

“The soundproofing is bad. Everything else is fine for sleeping purposes. The disposable bedding is not very comfortable.”

Are these capsules safe to sleep in?

Perhaps not. As of July 17, Beijing authorities shut down some of the capsules, the Shanghai fire department is investigating the capsules’ safety standards, and Shared Bed’s company website at xiangshuispace.com is down “for maintenance.”