On-demand folding stools

China already has on-demand car hailing, bicycles, cell phone chargers, umbrellas, karaoke booths, capsule hotels, gyms, and even police services. Now a company is offering on-demand folding stools at bus stations.

A company introduced a shared folding stool service in Beijing at bus stations.

Originally, there were about 1,000 stools. However, more than half of them were stolen on the first day.

Users can simply scan a QR code to use the stools for free.

“What do you think of this service?”

“I think it’s pretty creative.”

“I don’t think the service is practical. But it’s convenient for elderly people to use.”

“No, it’s not very practical. What functions can this stool serve?”

The company said the folding stools should not be considered the same as other “sharing economy” products because they use the stools to promote other products.