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  • Yesterday, I called Wang Yang 汪洋 “the most interesting new member of the Politburo,” and complained that Wang does not seem to have generated much interest in the English language media. I had missed a New York Times story (paywall) by Keith Bradsher published on October 19 that focuses on Wang. The article’s conclusion seems to be that while Wang being part of the Politburo Standing Committee will provide a voice for economic reforms of the kind appealing to Western companies, but he still “be carrying out an agenda drafted by” Xi Jinping.
  • Xinhua News Agency’s top story (in Chinese) today reveals a new slogan based on “Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism With Chinese Characteristics for a New Era,” the concept that was written into the Party’s constitution during the just concluded 19th Party Congress. The slogan is much easier to say: “New era, new journey, new chapter” (新时代 新征程  新篇章 xīn shídài xīn zhēngchéng xīn piānzhāng).
  • Two recent articles look critically at Xi Jinping’s signature Belt and Road Initiative: Bloomberg reports on how the project “traverses territory where most bond investors fear to tread,” while in the New York Review of Books, Philip Bowring says the Belt and Road is China overplaying its hand, “encouraged by its sudden wealth, and by a floundering U.S.”