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Tech in Asia has an article highlighting five innovative ways that Chinese consumers are spending money using their phones, and only one of them is the on-demand rental services that media outlets — including us — have written about ad nauseum and that the market is now increasingly becoming oversaturated with. Here are the other four:

  • Location-based freelancing through Alipay, which allows you to essentially pay someone in your immediate vicinity to do a small chore for you, for up to $30.
  • Paid group challenges through a WeChat app called “Knowledge Circle,” where all participants buy in with up to $750 to complete a daily task for a set number of days, and risk losing their money unless they provide daily proof of completion.
  • Tipping for content primarily on WeChat via QR codes, which have apparently become a reliable enough revenue stream for some bloggers that there was a fierce backlash when Apple attempted to shut down in-app tipping.
  • Paying to ask questions via mobile app Fenda, which first became popular as a way to reach celebrities, but is now more often used to request advice from professionals like lawyers and psychiatrists.

Tech in Asia notes a report (paywall) from Beijing- and Shanghai-based internet research firm iResearch, which estimates that China’s mobile payment industry will reach $14 trillion by the end of this year, up from just $8.8 trillion in 2016.