What happened at China’s 19th Party Congress – China’s latest political and current affairs news


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We are now two weeks out from the conclusion of the 19th Party Congress, and the Party’s propaganda apparatus is in full swing, advertising what it says are the key themes from the congress for China and the world to know.

  • Listen to today’s Sinica Podcast for an in-depth discussion of the meaning of the congress, with two of the most astute followers of Chinese elite politics, Bill Bishop and Jude Blanchette.
  • Read our explainer on the structure and mechanisms of the congress.
  • Read our guide to the top three themes emerging from Party communications about the congress:
    – Xi Jinping is now essentially the leader
     of the Communist Party of China for life, and the Party will seek to control all of society more, not less, for the foreseeable future.
    China is becoming a force on the global stage, and the Belt and Road Initiative is going to change the world’s politics and economics.
    China will seek to address inequality and environmental degradation, even if it leads to slower growth, but don’t expect market reform.