Old Chinese man dances his way into the internet’s heart

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This video of an elderly man dancing with two young girls in a public square in China has gone viral worldwide. Be sure to check out his moonwalk.

Perhaps you’ve already seen this video, going viral worldwide, which Japanese Twitter user @malatang2015 posted last Friday. But if not, take a minute out of your surely busy day and hit the play button below. You won’t regret it.

— 茉莉花🥨 (@malatang2019) November 10, 2017

We’ve heard all about China’s dancing grannies, who gather in public squares during weekday evenings and weekend mornings/afternoons/basically every waking moment to shake or sway their hips. They have nothing on this guy.

What’s your favorite part — the one in which the two little girls can’t keep up with this old man, doing what could be a modified Charleston shuffle?

This brush-off thing he does with his hand, ’cause he got no time for haters?

Or the part where they whip out this g’dang MOONWALK?

Sure, you cynics out there, sure: Michael Jackson did it better. But MJ wasn’t 70 (at least?) years old.

The song in the background is one particularly apt for these types of Chinese plaza dances, called “Grassland Love Song” (草原情歌 Cǎoyuán Qínggē). But has the internet remixed this clip with more contemporary beats, and sped it up just because it can?

I mean, yeah:

We hereby declare the voting for the Grandpa of the Year Award closed.